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Radiant Logic releases federated identity service beta

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Radiant Logic announced the 7.2 beta release of its RadiantOne federated identity service. The solution uses virtualization to create a complete identity service for mission-critical initiatives.

The service enables customizable identity views built from disparate data silos, driving critical authentication and authorization decisions for Web access management, federation, and cloud deployments. Fortune 1000 companies, including General Electric, Wells Fargo, Monsanto, NBC Universal Media, and Intel, use RadiantOne to reduce administrative effort, to simplify integration, and build a flexible infrastructure to meet changing business demands.

RadiantOne 7.2 offers support for multi-factor authentication, enabling companies to reinforce security by taking advantage of additional means, such as token cards, certificates, and biometrics. Traditionally, extending security for existing applications has been a difficult and intricate process. While there are many new ways to strengthen security, companies have long struggled with the difficulty of implementing these additional measures, since applications often offer weak authentication but are not programmed to accept additional security. The new plug-in mechanism makes it easy to add multiple external multifactor authentication modes to existing application making LDAP calls.

The latest version of RadiantOne includes an embedded framework for integrating with Privileged Identity/Access Management (PIM/PAM) software. As an abstraction layer, RadiantOne must be able to connect to many data silos with credentials associated with the needed permissions. With this new framework, RadiantOne can now acquire the needed credentials from an existing PIM/PAM product such as CyberArk and others, adding an additional layer of security for key accounts and enabling better data governance. This helps companies meet compliance regulations and prevent internal data breaches through the use of privileged accounts.

RadiantOne 7.2 also adds support for PIV/CAC card authentication to the Control Panel, offering increased reassurance that configuration changes made in the Control Panel are more secure. Other security enhancements in this new version include support for GlassFish v4, as well as Java 8, which now enables GCM and its stronger cipher suites for more secure TLS communication.

According to Radiant Logic co-founder and CEO Michel Prompt: “There are many essential applications that would benefit from stronger authentication. Unfortunately, adding additional security measures has long required companies to perform ‘open heart surgery’ by customizing each application. With plug-in support for multi-factor authentication, RadiantOne 7.2 makes it quick and easy to leverage third-party security methods, from token cards and certificates to biometrics. This reinforces security for RadiantOne and for every app that depends on our integration layer—without having to make any modifications at the application level.”

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