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Beyond Touch ID


This is a guest post by Francis Mather, Director of Computer Vision at Hoyos Labs.

Fingerprints are the most easily accessible biometric solution for mobile devices for the majority of users. High-end smartphones already come equipped with fingerprint sensors, and millions of people are using Touch ID to log into their devices and apps.

From smartphones to credit cards, more businesses to beginning to adopt biometrics as a way to authenticate user account access. As these solutions become more widespread, they are also evolving to incorporate new ideas and techniques to protect consumers and their private data. However, increased security cannot come at the cost of improved convenience.

Mobile fingerprinting and advances in biometrics

As the field of mobile biometrics advances, new methods are being introduced that go beyond Touch ID. The most promising of these is finger-photo recognition for contactless fingerprint capture. High-quality rear-facing cameras make it possible to capture your fingerprints visually, without any additional hardware. This method increases overall security because it is extremely hard to spoof.

To explore mobile fingerprinting and other improvements in biometrics, we’re hosting the Beyond Touch ID webinar. In this webinar, Hoyos Labs’ computer vision experts Francis Mather and Asem Othman will discuss our own contactless fingerprint capture solution – 4 Fingers, analysis of the science behind it, and some of the real-world applications and benefits of this solution for biometric authentication.

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