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Fingerprint Cards touch sensor in MeReal’s biometric smart card


MeReal Biometrics unveiled its biometric smart card with Fingerprint Cards (FPC) touch sensor FPC1011 at the recent RISE tech conference in Hong Kong,

According to a statement by the company, FPC’s key product advantages include low power consumption, fast response time and industry leading 3D image quality, features FPC says may be even more important in the smartcard segment.

MeReal Biometrics’ patented “computer on a card” is manufactured in France and combines the FPC1011 fingerprint sensor, a dual acoustic / RFID signature, and a rechargeable battery on a traditional wallet-sized payments card. The biometric smart card is suitable for the payments and banking, access and identity, loyalty and healthcare markets.

Users activate the card with their fingerprint. When using phone banking or a payment app, the user can simply hold their card to the phone’s or PC’s microphone to transmit the acoustic one-time password. The card will then power down automatically until the user chooses to use it again. In a common access scenario, a user will activate their own card using their fingerprint then they will hold the card to the door reader or keypad which accepts the RFID one-time password. In addition, card holders can use it to access their files and online systems, to operate the office scanner, to purchase lunch and receive their wages directly on the card.

Kate Davies, head of marketing at MeReal commented: “No more typing or entering their account numbers, passwords, other payment information again and should they lose the card, it won’t work without their fingerprint.”

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