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Applied Recognition releases biometric authentication solution for digital documentation


Applied Recognition Inc. is now offering Ver-ID Transactions in general availability, enabling face authentication and credential matching on digitally signed documents.

The solution combines face authentication with credential matching to achieve a higher level of security in digital documentation, which can help increase the adoption and growth of new online services across a range of markets.

Applied Recognition’s face recognition algorithm, FaceLocate, is at the foundation of Ver-ID Transactions.

Trained for over a decade on hundreds of thousands of faces, FaceLocate can achieve up to 99.99% accuracy by mapping facial features to generate a unique faceprint for each registered user.

Ver-ID Transactions authenticates a document signer by matching a photo taken at the time of signing with the user’s registered faceprint unlocking a private signing key.

A scanned ID credential can also be included, providing a timestamp and visible evidence of who signed the document and when.

“Almost every traditional face to face transaction has moved online or will soon move online, yet there are still wide gaps between the different levels of security and trust that are created in the physical world versus the digital world,” said Ray Ganong, co-CEO and CTO of Applied Recognition. “Face authentication coupled with established ID credentials provides a critical bridge between traditional and digital transactions, protecting service providers and their clients.”

Available as an SDK or a complete, white-label solution, Ver-ID Transactions does not require additional hardware, works with existing cameras on PCs and smartphones, and registers users only takes a few minutes.

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