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Synaptics releases mobile multi-factor biometric fusion engine


Synaptics has released a new multi-factor biometric fusion engine to ensure convenient security on smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs.

Fully integrated into Synaptics Natural ID fingerprint sensors, the multi-factor fusion engine allows users to choose from either fingerprint, facial biometrics, or a combination of the two — based on their preference or which modality is better suited to the specific environmental conditions.

The multi-factor fusion engine combines authentication scores from multiple biometrics to determine verification, boosting the overall system security as both fingerprint and facial factors have to meet minimum pre-requisites before authentication.

The fusion engine also significantly improves usability as lower individual verification pre-requisites still result in greater security.

Synaptics multi-factor fusion engine is built on SentryPoint technology, which provides OEMs with a wide range of highly secure authentication features including Quantum Matcher with PurePrint anti-spoof technology.

Using unique artificial intelligence technology, PurePrint examines fingerprint images to differentiate between fake and actual fingers. In addition, facial recognition uses anti-spoofing tools including the ability to check for combinations of eye blinking and head movements.

“Synaptics’ Natural ID fingerprint sensors are already significantly more secure and convenient than typed passwords, and by adding multi-factor biometrics users achieve a whole new level of exceptional device- and application-level authentication,” said Anthony Gioeli, vice president of marketing for Synaptics’ biometrics product division. “Phase one of our fusion engine is focused on fingerprint and facial, and future iterations will include additional biometric and security factors.”

The company partnered with KeyLemon, which develops continuous camera-based facial recognition and authentication, to seamlessly integrate secure facial biometrics with Natural ID fingerprint authentication.

Synaptics is given a time-to-market advantage by leveraging an established biometrics partner in KeyLemon.

“We are very excited to partner with industry leader Synaptics on a comprehensive solution that is secure and convenient,” said Gilles Florey, CEO of KeyLemon. “Integrating our advanced technologies enables an unsurpassed mixture of security and user convenience for trusted authentication in mobile payments, banking and other content sensitive transactions.”

Previously reported, Lenovo selected Synaptics’ Natural ID area touch FS4200 fingerprint sensor for its latest smartphone, the Vibe P2.

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