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HID Global’s healthcare ID technology trends point to the growing role of biometrics


HID Global has shared three key identification technology trends emerging in the healthcare sector, which include integrated, compliant systems that are both convenient and connected; connected environments that drive the need to ensure the Internet of Trusted Things (IoTT); and the increasing role of biometrics in patient and provider authentication and EPCS applications.

The increasing use of trusted identities in the healthcare sector is driving the demand for advanced smart card technologies and mobile solutions.

As the industry shifts its focus to ID technology, institutions are slowly changing the way they operate, how they manage access to patients, data and equipment, how they protect patient privacy, and how they improve billing accuracy — all while providing the same level of healthcare.

“Healthcare organizations are increasingly seeking to improve the physician, staff and patient experience by employing a combination of strong authentication and new IoT applications to address their challenges,” said Sheila Loy, director of healthcare Industry with HID Global. “Trusted identities will simplify and connect all aspects of healthcare operations, from opening hospital doors, accessing healthcare records and e-prescribing of controlled substances, to how healthcare professionals interact with patients and log their activities.”

HID Global has shared key technology trends that the healthcare industry is adopting in order to establish, create, manage and use trusted identities.

The first trend is move towards deploying integrated, compliant systems that are both convenient and connected.

Most notably, multi-factor authentication will incorporate one time password (OTP) tokens, public key infrastructure (PKI) and biometrics to comply with the DEA and HIPAA for Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS).

Theses same solutions complying with EPCS will be used to protect patient records and data; provide secure access to facilities; authenticate remotely to VPNs using mobile devices; and allow for new IoT use cases.

In addition, unified platforms will add intelligent visitor management systems and automate other manual processes to provide an access management solution that integrates with access control, IT security and other applications.

The second trend is the establishment of connected environments to drive the need to ensure the Internet of Trusted Things (IoTT).

The continued adoption of electronic visit verification (EVV) will help streamline in-home patient visits and prevent billing fraud using “proof of presence” applications that easily documents the time, location and accurate delivery of prescribed care.

Healthcare providers will increasingly use trusted IDs, predictive analytics and new IoT solutions that use real-time location-based services to connect, monitor and manage patients, mobile clinicians and staff.

These solutions will also help quickly locate critical medical equipment, beds, crash carts and other medical devices by providing the missing link between physical assets and a trusted ID ecosystem.

Third, the growing role for biometrics in patient and provider authentication and EPCS applications will help ensure the right patient is receiving the prescribed care, and that healthcare providers are authorized to manage private patient medical records.

Healthcare providers will also use biometric solutions for e-prescribing to authenticate the issuer, pharmacy staff and/or the patient. Fingerprint biometrics, in particular, will continue to be one of the most widely adopted technologies due to its ease of use.

Biometrics sensors and modules will continue to offer advanced capabilities for the healthcare environment, including faster finger image capture for an improved user experience, and certifications to key industry standards for accuracy and image transfer performance.

HID Global expects that the healthcare industry will be impacted by these trends in 2017 and beyond as the industry increasingly transitions to identity technology in the coming years.

HID Global will demonstrate its trusted identity solutions for healthcare at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from February 20-23.

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