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Green Bit and JENETRIC report wins in the Nail-to-Nail Fingerprint Challenge


Green Bit announced today that they have been awarded two 1st prizes in the IARPA Nail-to-Nail Fingerprint Challenge. The winners were announced today at the Biometrics Institute U.S. Conference.

In the N2N-fingerprint challenge eight finalists from academia and industry tested their fingerprint devices and approaches for the ability to capture rolled fingerprints without operator assistance. All ten rolled fingers from more than 300 candidates were captured and then analyzed and compared by experts from the FBI and latent examiners. The automated capture technology also had to collect fingerprint data that performed as good as or better than the traditional rolled biometric gold standard. A human could be present and provide basic verbal instructions, but no physical contact was permissible.

According to the company, Green Bit received first prize for Latent Accuracy awarded for the best N2N latent matching and for Gallery Accuracy for the best N2N matching performance and compliant with at least 90% of data captured with all data acquired in less than eight minutes.

Nadia Reid, VP of Sales and Business Development for the Green Bit USA subsidiary branch, represented the Green Bit team at the N2N challenge. The team used their DactyScan40i hardware scanner and software in the challenge to showcase their technology.

“I am excited about the news of our winnings. The live test confirmed the reliability of our traditional FTIR-based hardware scanner and advanced software algorithms. Green Bit finger printing technology continues to prove to the market that our technology is mature enough to be deployed and trusted.”

“With our IARPA challenge results, we have proven that our hardware and software technology which includes sophisticated algorithms can avoid operator obstruction,” added Green Bit’s COO, Sergio Rainero. “We are ready to share our best of class solutions with the biometric market.”

JENETRIC also awarded

JENETRIC also announced today that they were awarded within the Nail-to-Nail fingerprint challenge for its approach to capture rolled fingerprints without any operator assistance.

JENETRIC successfully demonstrated how their LIVETOUCH QUATTRO can automate and improve the rolled capture process. According to the announcement, the company was awarded for its capability to capture autonomously more than 90% of all fingerprints and for the high matching performance of these fingerprint images compared with the same fingerprints taken from forensic experts and latent fingerprints.

“We are extremely proud of the results as they confirm the advantages of a user centric design that allows non-trained users to capture forensic-quality rolled fingerprint images,” said Roberto Wolfer. “Our user guidance simulates the ink-and-paper process and provides easy to understand instructions on the device where, when and how to roll a finger.”

LIVETOUCH QUATTRO was introduced in 2015, is FBI certified and is already used in numerous civil applications internationally.

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