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Everlight launches infrared LED for facial recognition in connected cars

Everlight launches infrared LED for facial recognition in connected cars

LED and optoelectronics maker Everlight Electronics has launched three new infrared products to support driver facial recognition and other smart automation capabilities for the automotive market.

The VS-FI3535 LED Series is suitable for facial recognition, according to the announcement, and can track the driver’s eyes and facial expressions to recognize gaze focus, daze, and distraction. Everlight has integrated it into a solution with dimensions of 3.5×3.5×1.6mm, and 2.8W of power consumption, emitting at a 940nm wavelength and an angle of 110 degrees by 85 degrees. The chip operates in practically any temperature and has a fast response time, while meeting the AEC-Q102 qualification guidelines (Automotive Electronics Council stress test qualification for visible and IR LEDs, lasers, photo diodes and transistors). The company says the chip differs from regular LED and EEL devices in target detection and efficiency, and combines the quality and safety needed for driver facial recognition applications.

Everlight has also released the ALS-DPDIC17 LED Series for applications such as automatically dimming rear view mirrors and dashboard lights, and the IR12-21C/TR8-AM LED, which combines with other products to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of touch screens.

Xpeng implements Alibaba app

The forthcoming Xpeng P7 from Xpeng Motors will feature secure biometric unlocking with facial and fingerprint recognition, in compliance with the new virtual car key standards released by China’s Internet Finance Authentication Alliance (IFAA).

The Xpeng P7 also integrates vision and voice interaction and behavior monitoring powered by artificial intelligence through the Alibaba In-Car Mini App platform to provide services based on driver preferences. The platform will be available to third-party developers to increase the availability of tailored services for the in-car environment.

“Today marks a milestone in the development of security measures for smart connected vehicles. The new standards bring the most advanced authentication technology – hitherto mostly used in the finance industry – on board connected vehicles. This is the first time that biometrics-based technologies such as facial recognition and fingerprints are implemented in digital keys for smart vehicles,” said Xpeng Motors Vice President Ji Yu, speaking at Aliababa’s 2019 Hanzhou Apsara Conference.

Toyota concept car seeks emotional bond

New concept vehicle LQ from Toyota features driver monitoring to detect tiredness and deliver a personalized experience, as well as interactive voice communications with the car’s on-board AI agent “Yui.” The company wants to leverage advanced technology to build an emotional connection between the car and driver, according to the announcement.

Automated driving capabilities, an “Augmented Reality Head’s Up Display (AR-HUD)” jointly developed with Panasonic, and seat alertness and relaxation functions are also included in the LQ. The vehicle will be available to test drive in Tokyo starting in June 2020.

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