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ID document and selfie biometrics solutions proposed for online age checks, compliance and security

ID document and selfie biometrics solutions proposed for online age checks, compliance and security

Any online age verification procedure to restrict access to online gambling and pornography in Australia would require a biometric component, such as a selfie video, a former official told lawmakers with the House of Representatives Standing Committee On Social Policy And Legal Affairs, ZDNet reports.

Alistair MacGibbon is chief strategy officer at cybersecurity startup CyberCX, and former head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), and told policymakers that the Home Affairs department’s Face and Document Verification Service, which has been proposed for online age verification, would not prevent children from using their parents’ credentials to spoof the system.

“I think biometrics — with all of the problems associated with biometrics, and they are not a silver bullet — is the only way you could really have an online system,” ZDNet quotes MacGibbon as saying.

He also suggested that while some young people would get around any access control method, the perfect should not be allowed to become the enemy of the good when it comes to devising a way to reduce online harms.

The committee also heard from Amelia Erratt, head of age verification for the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), spoke about the UK’s postponed system, and said her organization has found only 14 percent of 11 to 13 year-olds know methods of getting around the country’s proposed block.

ID.me launches CCPA solution

ID.me has announced the launch of an identity proofing and authentication solution to help businesses comply with the Subject Rights Request (SRR) and Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) required by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

When CCPA comes into effect on January 1, more than half a million companies conducting business in the state will become responsible for meeting the new regulatory requirements. To help them do so, ID.me has developed an Identity Verification for CCPA solution that verifies customer identity before responding to DSAR and SRR requests. The solution also features high security, with ID.me claiming to be the only identity verification credential service provider (CSP) certified against the NIST 800-63-3 IAL2/AAL2 standard, as well as data protection, seamless integration, and user customization capabilities.

“We developed the most secure portable identity verification solution with the understanding that identity verification is the trust layer that supports every transaction between a business and consumer,” comments Pradheep Sampath, chief product officer at ID.me. “While CCPA is a step in the right direction, we believe every organization should strive to make the world a more trusted place by proactively securing consumer data.”

More than 4 million people in California already have ID.me accounts, the company says.

WireWheel and IDology partner for compliance

Data privacy management company WireWheel and IDology have partnered to offer a product for companies to verify and authenticate the identity of customers making SRR requests under CCPA and other privacy laws.

Fulfilling SRR’s in compliance with CCPA regulations requires companies to authenticate requesting parties to avoid sending personal information to the wrong person, but also bar companies from directly collecting any personal information they do not already posses. WireWheel will leverage IDology’s identity verification solution to check consumer credentials like driver’s licenses, and companies can offer consumers multiple methods for dynamic identity verification for online experiences, and also supports SRRs by phone through call-center integration.

The companies suggest the technology could also help with GDPR and other evolving privacy laws.

Keesing web API reaches production

The new biometric facial recognition and liveness web API for customer onboarding from Keesing Technologies, AuthentiScan, has been launched to live production.

The AuthentiScan web API was originally announced in October, combining the company’s ID document capturing technology with biometric checks.

“Accuracy in customer onboarding is crucial to avert high dropout rates and create trust”, explains Daniel Suess, commercial director of Keesing Technologies. “For example, a frictional or inaccurate image capturing process leaves you with frustrated customers that are likely to drop out. One of our most important qualities is that our solutions are dependable and can be trusted.”

Keesing plans to release updates refining the web API throughout 2020, according to the announcement.

Simeio Identity Vault launched for privacy-preserving biometric selfie and ID verification

A new government ID-check and selfie biometric product for mobile and web applications has been announced by Simeio Solutions to help users prove their identity to organizations in a privacy-preserving manner.

The Simeio Identity Vault provides fundamental identity proofing by comparing the user’s ID and facial image, with validation from a secondary source, such as information from a utility provider or telecom carrier. It progressively builds a Digital ID card by saving verified claims to a digital wallet on iOS or Android, provides easy sharing of claims, generates a ‘TrueID’ score with machine learning, and cryptographically secures data in transmission and storage.

“Simeio Identity Vault provides a solution to current legacy identity proofing methodologies,” says Shawn Keve, chief revenue officer at Simeio Solutions. “With a multi-pronged approach, businesses and governments can digitally transform by verifying their customers’, employees’, and all stakeholders’ identities based upon information that we can collect and confirm.”

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