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Kiva and Gravity granted first ID2020 certifications for empowering users of digital ID technology

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Kiva and Gravity granted first ID2020 certifications for empowering users of digital ID technology

The inaugural class of ID2020-certified digital ID solutions has been announced by the organization, which holds up the Kiva Protocol and Gravity as the products adhering “to the highest standards for user-management, privacy-protection, portability, and interoperability,” according to a LinkedIn post.

The new ID2020 Certification Mark gives companies a framework for developing digital identity technologies which are ethical and inclusive, and require adherence to 38 functional Technical Requirements based on outcomes.

ID2020 announced plans to launch a certification system for digital identity at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Head of Advocacy and Communications Ethan Veneklasen explains in the post. Omidyar Director of Marketing Strategy and Communications Abiah Weaver noted in a blog post last year that ID2020, like several other bodies, was developing technical requirements and certification to help identify “Good ID”. The organization received applications described as thoughtful and detailed from 25 applicants from countries including the U.S., Norway, and Kenya, and selected the systems submitted by Kiva and Gravity as the only ones to demonstrate compliance with the requirements from end to end.

“Digital identity can empower the powerless. But it can also be used to exclude people or even persecute vulnerable populations like refugees, children, and the homeless. While we must move quickly to adopt digital identity solutions, our enthusiasm must also be balanced with the need to protect user privacy and mitigate the associated risks,” notes ID2020 Executive Director Dakota Gruener. “That’s what we mean when we talk about implementing “good” ID. It is important that these considerations are central to the design of all digital identity systems if we hope to realize a truly inclusive future for everyone.”

The Kiva Protocol enables implementing agencies to create portable digital identities that are user-centric, but still satisfy KYC functions to extend digital identity to all levels of economic activity. In this way, lack of formal identification and lack of verifiable credit history, two of the top barriers to financial inclusion efforts, are addressed. The non-profit offers a digital wallet based on distributed ledger technology, and emphasizes interoperability between financial service providers and seeks to reduce cost and friction, and its commitment to user control and privacy protection make it a strong candidate, according to the announcement.

Decentralized cloud platform Gravity powers a secure wallet controlled by users to enable the creation and sharing of private and trusted digital identities. The technology is used by small businesses in Kenya to access more customized loan products using the data trial they leave with mobile operators, suppliers and others, ID2020 explains. It is also used by refugees to create profiles with information on their skills and program participation to improve livelihood opportunities and help humanitarian aid coordination.

ID2020 says the platform is an enabler of identity transactions for vulnerable populations, including those with a basic phone, who can designate an identity guardian.

ID2020 was declared one of the 10 most influential identity organizations in the world by Goode Intelligence late last year.

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