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Idemia highlights multi-biometric border kiosk as touch-free takes over travel industry

Idemia highlights multi-biometric border kiosk as touch-free takes over travel industry

Idemia has produced a video of its multi-biometric self-service TravelKiosk, which is designed for the EU Entry/Exit System (EES), to show off its convenient and secure traveller authentication capabilities.

The kiosks authenticate travellers’ passports and feature embedded quality control for biometric data capturing. Four-finger biometrics capture, presentation attack detection, a tilting camera, a customizable interface and workflows, and data transfer to the EES are included, with a small enough physical footprint for air, land and sea border points, the company says.

TravelKiosks can be upgraded with iris and face biometric identification for enhanced accuracy, mask detection and temperature screening, contactless fingerprint biometric capture and touchless control through gesture recognition or the user’s mobile device.

Contactless technology is being rapidly adopted right across the travel and tourism industry, as GlobalData’s Disruptor Intelligence Center shows with an Innovation Explorer database, as reported by TravelDailyNews.

Idemia also provides monitoring and technical supervision modules, and in the video a security officer is depicted selecting a traveller for in-person screening from a workstation.

Frontex announced plans last month to test biometrics and other technologies for the EES at land borders for their ability to provide frictionless experiences while maintaining national security.

Tech market research firm GlobalData points to implementation of SITA’s Smart Path at Beijing Capital International Airport, contactless check-ins at Changi Airport in Singapore, and contactless elevators implemented in Abu Dhabi as some examples of how

“The COVID-19 pandemic became a wakeup call for the travel and tourism industry to accelerate investments in contactless technologies like biometric check-in at airports and keyless hotel entry, which significantly reduce potential risks associated with physical touchpoints,” GlobalData Disruptive Tech Analyst Sneha Nigade tells TravelDailyNews.

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