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Biometrics, digital ID alliances joined by Princeton Identity, Idemia, ATB Ventures, Transmit Security

Working toward improved authentication
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Several organizations dedicated to biometrics and digital ID have added companies to their membership ranks.

Princeton Identity has joined a biometrics advisory board within the SIA, while Idemia has joined the SPAC Alliance, ATB Ventures announced it has become a member of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), and Transmit Security has placed an executive on the FIDO Alliance’s Board of Directors.

Princeton Identity joins new SIA advisory board

Princeton Identity has joined the Security Industry Association’s (SIA’s) Identity and Biometric Technology Advisory Board (IBTAB) to help guide the organization’s educational programs for members as well as engagement with public and private-sector critical infrastructure operators.

The IBTAB is a volunteer panel formed earlier this year with an impressive list of initial members.

“Biometrics is an area of innovation that will clearly play a central role in addressing the security needs of future enterprise,” said Bobby Varma, CEO of Princeton Identity. “We look forward to partnering with our industry colleagues to provide strategic counsel to government officials, manufacturers and policymakers who are interested in biometric technology solutions.”

Idemia joins the SPAC Alliance

Idemia announced last week that its Biometric Terminals division, which specializes in access control, will join the SPAC (Smart Physical Access Control) Alliance.

Founded in 2020, the Alliance focuses on tackling cybercrime, particularly through the support and development of physical access biometric authentication control solutions.

SPAC’s ultimate goal is to convert the cybersecurity certification SSCP (Smart Secure Communication Protocol) into an interoperable and user-friendly European standard as an alternative OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) option.

The Alliance already counts a number of French access control companies, including the National Information Systems Security Agency and Safe Cluster.

Idemia joining the SPAC Alliance further strengthens the company’s expansion efforts and follows a partnership with Arana earlier this month.

ATB Ventures joins DIACC

ATB Ventures confirmed last week it is joining the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC).

The innovation arm of the Alberta-based financial institution ATB Financial, ATB Ventures is joining DIACC to support the non-profit in the development of a Canadian digital identification and authentication framework, particularly during the COVID-19 emergency.

“The pandemic has caused a dramatic shift in how businesses and consumers interact with digital services,” explained Sue McGill, head of ATB Ventures.

According to the executive, this phenomenon creates a need to enable the digital identities of all citizens, but broad adoption will only be achieved when identity solutions are fully trusted.

“Organizations like DIACC unite stakeholders to collaborate on privacy-preserving standards that underpin the success of digital identity,” McGill added.

Before joining DIACC, ATB Ventures started 2021 by announcing plans to invest in digital identity solutions in Alberta last month.

Transmit Security CTO joins the FIDO Alliance Board

Israeli biometric startup Transmit Security revealed last week its CTO Eldan Ben-Haim joined the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors.

Following the move, Ben-Haim will collaborate with FIDO and industry leaders on the development of secure and passwordless authentication solutions.

“Through innovative technology and partners such as FIDO, Transmit Security has created identity solutions that are agile, scalable, usable, and most importantly secure,” Ben-Haim, said, commenting on the news.

“Our technology incorporating FIDO2 enables us to offer a solution to bring in the end of poor customer experience and the beginning of a world of seamless and secure password-free authentication.”

Before joining the FIDO Alliance Board, Ben-Haim has been working in the security and identity field for over 20 years.

Now, the CTO will make his expertise available to the Alliance to further improve passwordless technologies.

“As a member of the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors, we have the unique opportunity to work closely with the Alliance and other industry leaders to influence the future roadmap of the FIDO protocols and the way they’re leveraged by organizations,” Ben-Haim concluded.

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