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Biometrics interoperability, digital ID trust, gender, to be discussed in upcoming events

ID4Africa and IAI call for speakers
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A series of events on digital identity and biometrics technology has been lined up to address several common issues and areas of concern within the industry.

Biometrics interoperability, standards and frameworks

The first of the events comes up on February 10 and will discuss biometrics interoperability, standards and frameworks. Simprints, which is organizing the online event, says experts will delve deep into the details of how to select a biometrics vendor for specific needs.

Simprints Chief Product Officer and Co-founder Alexandra Grigore explained the importance of the event in a minute-long video.

“Have you ever wanted to include biometrics in your program but are wondering how this new system will integrate with your existing digital tool? Also, what kind of interoperability will be suitable for your particular use case and context? Well, wonder no more because on the 10th of February at 3:00 pm BST, I will be hosting a webinar on biometrics interoperability,” Grigore said in the video.

She added they will also discuss different types of interoperability relevant to biometrics, and the compromises that one might need to make between cost and interoperability, among other issues.

Registration is required.

How to build digital trust in a pandemic

On February 25, a Trust Report event dedicated to discussing trust within the digital space in the pandemic era, will take place. Dubbed ‘Identity Redefined: Rebuilding Trust in a Post-COVID Era,’ the event will be the first in a series of conferences that focus on the nexus of trust, technology and economic growth in the modern world, and in a context marked by intense activity in the digital world.

With Rachel Botsman, a Trust Fellow at Oxford University, as keynote speaker, the event will see the participation of other big names in the world of technology and other related industries, in a session that will be characterised by keynotes, interviews, insights from experts, and experience sharing.

Some of the speakers will include Taavet Hinrikus from the fintech unicorn TransferWise; Blair Crawford of Daltrey; Olayemi Keri, a Nigerian investor; and Andy Smith from SITA. Wired UK Editor-in-Chief Greg Williams will host the event, supported by Innovatrics, whose co-founder and CEO Jan Lunter will also present.

ID4Africa and IAI call for speakers

ID4Africa is calling on digital identity stakeholders who wish to contribute to a pair of Livecast events to apply online with a synopsis of the topic they would like to address.

The first event, scheduled for March 10, will be held in commemoration of the international women’s day (March 8) and will be examining gender gaps and “inform policy on how to rectify them and manage risks of exclusion especially in a digital world in the Post-COVID era, where women appear to have been disproportionately disadvantaged.”

The deadline for submission is February 15.

During the event, policy and “pragmatic” measures will be proposed to ensure that women and girls are not excluded from the forward-moving digital ID train.

The Movement is also seeking presenters for an April 8 Livecast on vaccination certificates and identity management. The event will address issues raised by the possible introduction of digital public health credentials, including privacy and data protection challenges and building in international standards for interoperability and integration with different workflows.

The deadline for applications to participate in that event are due March 15.

Meanwhile, in August, the International Association for Identification (IAI) will be organizing the 105th edition of its educational conference scheduled for Nashville, Tennessee.

It is planned to be a weeklong event (August 1 to 7) and the IAI call for submission of ideas, which remains open till March 5.

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