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Transmit Security’s BindID uses native device biometrics to replace customer passwords


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Transmit Security has released biometric service BindID to replace passwords in customer authentication without dedicated hardware or software, across any channel or device.

BindID uses native device face or fingerprint biometrics for secure and easy authentication to devices and channels without embedded biometrics.

This allows organizations to scrub their databases of customer passwords to improve security, reduce data breach risk, and comply with global privacy regulations, the company says.

BindID makes each registered customer’s mobile device a biometric authenticator they can use to authenticate to any application and channel without a dedicated application or download to the device. Customer organizations implement a mobile log-in function, such as through a button, which calls BindID through OpenID Connect. The customer then scans a QR code generated by the organization with a mobile device, and is presented with the organization’s details for approval in the device’s browser, before BindID invokes the device’s biometric authentication function.

The open standards and APIs BindID is built on also make it easy to deploy, according to the announcement.

“Is there anyone who hasn’t had a frustrating experience with passwords? Whether it’s trying to create and remember multiple passwords, answering security questions, continual resets or even being locked out of important accounts – passwords are impractical, burdensome and among the weakest links in security,” comments Mickey Boodaei, CEO and co-founder of Transmit Security. “BindID marks the end of the password era. Users can authenticate through their mobile or any biometrics-enabled device without the need for an authentication app. BindID makes authentication simple, unified and much more secure.”

The differences between BindID and competitor user authentication offerings are explained in a video posted to Vimeo, which addresses how the software addresses identity portability, infrequent service users, and passwordless experiences with biometrics.

Boodaei and Transmit Security Co-founder Rakesh Loonkar previously founded Trusteer, which was acquired by IBM, and Boodaei also co-founded Imperva.

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