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Global KYC: Not all EU countries are created equal

Global KYC: Not all EU countries are created equal

To streamline growth, banks and fintechs seeking to expand in Europe need to understand regulatory and cultural differences across jurisdictions.

This whitepaper will help you consider selecting the right partner to support you with a KYC solution that streamlines compliant growth across jurisdictions, taking into consideration legal frameworks, passporting vs. brances and KYC from a cultural perspective.


KYC requirements differ across the European Union. It is crucial to understand the differences if you are looking to expand into multiple countries.

– The passporting regime for financial institutions can be advantageous if you choose your regulator wisely—but even then, country-specific requirements may come into play.

– European citizens differ in how and when they will pass your KYC process—impacting operations and conversion.

– Designing a compliant hyper growth-proof KYC process requires careful advance planning.

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