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Tech5 integrates biometric software with MOSIP platform for Guinea’s national ID system

Also launches touchless fingerprint capture algorithm

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Tech5 has supplied its T5-ABIS to provide automated biometric identification with face, fingerprint and iris biometric modalities as part of the first implementation phase of Guinea’s national ID project. T5-ABIS is now fully integrated with the MOSIP open-source digital identity management platform.

The ABIS-BE component from Tech5 will be used for biometric enrollment, identification, and de-duplication functions.

MOSIP is designed to help countries establish foundational ID systems, and Guinea’s national ID is intended to give full control of private and personally identifiable information to the country’s citizens, according to the announcement.

Tech5 has also integrated biometric image quality assessment technology with MOSIP, and SDKs for 1:1 authentication with multiple biometric modalities.

“We are extremely pleased with the smooth technical implementation of the TECH5 / MOSIP solution in this first phase,” comments Dr. Himi Deen Toure of WURI Guinea, the commissioning and implementing entity for the project.

Another Guinea government official lauded the assistance of support staff from both Tech5 and MOSIP in ensuring on-time operational readiness, along with knowledge transfer to local technical teams.

“Our commitment to MOSIP has always been very strong. We develop all of our technologies and solutions for identity management around the principles of ID4D and are very passionate about the MOSIP project, whose mission is aligned with TECH5,” says Tech5 Co-founder, Chairman and CTO Rahul Parthe. “The TECH5 – MOSIP partnership is now delivering real value in the Guinea National ID project which will form the model that other countries on the African continent and beyond can readily take for their respective National ID requirements”

Tech5 was an early supporter of MOSIP, integrating its ABIS with the platform in 2019, and saying at the time it was first to do so.

Guinea is also working with OSIA to build in biometric technologies based not on open-source software, but open standards that allow for interoperability among components from different vendors, including biometric technology from Idemia for a financial inclusion program.

Touchless fingerprint biometrics capture algorithm launched

Tech5 has celebrated its third anniversary, meanwhile, by launching a new touchless fingerprint biometric capture algorithm.

Fingerprint images captured with the new T5-Airsnap algorithm are compatible with legacy systems and neural network-based biometric matching algorithms, and Tech5 says it is a thousand times faster than the most accurate legacy algorithm. The company also launched the T5-IDencode platform for mobile ID issuance in partnership with HD Barcode earlier this year.

The company has surpassed 370 million active digital identities managed by its platforms, which process more than 300,000 transactions every day.

“This achievement is the direct result of the trust and cooperation our partners and customers put in us. In addition, this year our sales revenue has increased by more than 50 precent relative to last year, and we are continuing to grow,” says Tech5 CEO and Co-founder Machiel van der Harst.

Over the past year, Tech5 has also received $10.5 million in investment from Yinda Infocomm.

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