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Simprints, Xator, Idemia, DHS USCIS, Phonexia announce new talent

Corsight unveils new STEM initiative, AnyVision calls for reviewed tech salaries
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Simprints, Xator, Idemia, DHS USCIS, Phonexia announce new talent

The last week has been an eventful one for biometrics companies, with a number of them hiring new talent.

Simprints has hired James Eaton-Lee as Director of Privacy, Xator appointed Anthony Iasso as the company’s new CTO, and Idemia has added Dominique Cerutti as Group Board Member.

Also, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has hired Ryan Koder as new chief of Biometrics and Scheduling, and Tomáš Kučera has joined Phonexia as the new head of the Business Unit for Government.

James Eaton-Lee joins Simprints as Director of Privacy

Simprints has appointed James Eaton-Lee as new Director of Privacy, Responsible Data, and Risk.

Before joining Simprints, Eaton-Lee spent four years at Oxfam, where he acted as Head of Information Security, Data Protection Officer.

“Without good data, high quality interventions, healthcare, or assistance are exponentially harder to make available or administer,” he commented on a linkedin post.

Following his transition to Simprints, Eaton-Lee will now be in charge of decisions regarding a number of topics, including  ICT4D, digital identity, the challenges of biometrics in healthcare, data protection in complex partnerships, and more.

Xator appoints Anthony Iasso as new CTO

The announcement was made by the company’s CEO David Scott earlier this week.

“In this new position, Anthony will take advantage of Xator’ s investments in technologies, acquisitions and technologists to further propel Xator’s solution offerings for our customers,” Scott said.

Iasso has served as president of biometrics provider InCadence Strategic Solutions, and joined Xator as part of the company’s acquisition of InCadence in 2020.

Idemia selects Dominique Cerutti as new Group Board Member

Cerrutti brings to Idemia more than 35 years of experience in technology and engineering companies.

“I couldn’t be more honored and thrilled to be joining IDEMIA, global leader in Augmented Identity, at an exciting time in its development,” Cerrutti said in the announcement.

“I look forward to offering strategic guidance and contributing to making the world a safer place.”

DHS USCIS selects Ryan Koder as chief, Biometrics and Scheduling

After his appointment, Koder will lead a team of product owners working on high visibility biometrics and scheduling systems.

Koder hld a number of biometric-focused roles in the past, including lead product representative at HART, for the Office of Biometric Identity Management within DHS.

“I’ve joined a team of dynamic leaders with huge efforts underway and ambitious teams tackling those efforts. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish!” Koder said in a LinkedIn post.

Phonexia hires Tomáš Kučera as Head of the Business Unit for Government

Kučera will now aid Phonexia expand its business in the public safety sector, as well as streamlining processes within the business unit and identifying business opportunities in emerging trends.

“Phonexia is extremely excited about this newest addition to our management team and looks forward to expanding our success in the public safety sector,” the company said in a blog post.

Kučera has more than 20 years of experience in security software sales and marketing.

Corsight AI partners with Speakers for Schools

The new initiative will provide 170 virtual work experience placements to young people from ethnic minority backgrounds across the UK interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers.

The placement program, sponsored by Corsight AI, started on July 19th and addresses individuals between 14 and 19 years of age.

“In a world that is increasingly digitised, there are a growing number of exciting job opportunities in the technology sector but as they are less-traditional by nature, young people can be less familiar with the career paths available,” commented Speakers for Schools CEO Jason Elsom.

“Partnerships like this ensure we are connecting young people to careers in dynamic industries, no matter what background or circumstance.”

AnyVision CEO calls for review of tech salaries

According to Avi Golan, tech companies in Israel are currently offering high wages and benefits that, though beneficial at the moment, may hurt employees in the long run.

“I’m calling all Israeli CEOs specifically in hi-tech to stop the hiring madness before the bubble explodes,” he said in a LinkedIn post. The post has met with a mixed reaction on the social media site.

According to the AnyVision executive, many companies are already looking or exploring to outsource developer services abroad.

“We are hurting our young generation as well as our own market and country by the fact we keep raising salaries and offering crazy illogical benefits,” he added.

Golan ended his post calling for ideas and interactions to bring awareness to the issue.

“Let’s come together to find a way to manage this situation. If you agree or disagree, please share your view.”

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