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Identité biometrics-powered passwordless authentication patent approved in US

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Identité biometrics-powered passwordless authentication patent approved in US

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved a new patent by passwordless solutions expert Identité. Awarded under patent number 11,245,526, the document describes a ‘Full-Duplex Password-less Authentication’ solution designed to authenticate workers and consumers.

The multi-factor authentication (MFA) infrastructure requires users to go through at least three factors of authentication: something they know, something they have, and something they are. These include face and finger biometrics via smartphone devices.

The ‘Full-Duplex’ denomination refers to the ability of the software to not only authenticate a user’s digital token but also to send a request to the server to authenticate a user before exposing the user’s token.

“We built Full-Duplex Authentication into all our clients’ devices and applications so that they are not bound to any single device or browser if they want passwordless authentication,” explains Identité CEO John P. Hertrich.

From a technical standpoint, Identité’s technology enables authentication servers to be paired with an app or client on the user’s device, so that credentials can be kept safe locally.

“Our patent for Full-Duplex Password-less Authentication also includes a visual confirmation for the user by allowing them to confirm login by comparing a simple picture and a number,” Hertrich adds.

“This is easier and more secure than OTP methods that require a user to type a 6-8 character code.”

According to the company, the new technology will help tackle phishing, impersonation, and Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

“This is simple authentication for anyone and as secure as the strongest authentication in use today,” Hertrich says.

Identité confirmed the technology described in the patent will be integrated within the company’s NoPass products, which include APIs and an SDK that can be added to a company’s web portal and/or mobile app to enable passwordless authentication.

The approval of the new patent comes months after Identité entered a partnership with ATM software company KAL.

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