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NADRA goes all out for handling complaints

NADRA goes all out for handling complaints

The National Database and Registration Authority of Pakistan (NADRA) has launched a Centralized Complaint Management System (NCCMS) which allows citizens to file a complaint from anywhere in the world via a multitude of channels which will be accepted into a central systems with mechanisms to keep the complainant updated and provide real-time monitoring for the authority.

“Legitimate grievances” will be “addressed” in 48 hours, promises NADRA’s chairman, Muhammad Tariq Malik, in a video posted on Twitter. Analysis so far shows that 92 percent of complaints are being handled on time, says Malik, standing in front of visualizations of the complaints system. Any grievances not dealt with in that initial 48 hours will be escalated.

“NADRA is the largest public facing organization at national level that incurs a footfall of average 100,000 people daily at its 755 NADRA registration centers (NRCs), 263 Mobile Registration Vans (MRVS) and 10 overseas centers. NADRA’s online Pak-ID services are also available globally in more than 190 countries,” says Malik, also mentioning the teams of mountaineers and motorcyclists who head out to offer NADRA services.

The new system will allow people to complain via social media, over the phone, via the NADRA site, in-person at NADRA centers and be given a ticket which allows them to check the status of their complaint.

A statement on LinkedIn by Naz Shoeb, head of public engagement at NADRA, says that Malik also “opened up NADRA services and employees’ performance, for the public to measure and define on their own. Seeing NADRA from public eye led him to develop a single centralized system which could enable the authority venturing into a Rapid Redressal Regime, he added”.

Dr Malik recently spoke about about the importance of digital ID for Pakistan’s development and plans to add children to the civil register. 95 percent of adults have been registered in the country’s ID system.

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