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UIDAI to highlight strengths of Aadhaar biometric ID for the poor in new campaign

UIDAI to highlight strengths of Aadhaar biometric ID for the poor in new campaign

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is planning to undertake a new awareness raising campaign intended to underline for businesses the uses and benefits of the Aadhaar biometric ID for the poor, according to a News18 article labeled exclusive.

Citing a document obtained from UIDAI, the outlet reports that the campaign, which is in the offing, will target socioeconomic groups considered ‘Below Poverty Line’ (BPL) as well as actors of the corporate sector such as financial institutions, companies offering telecommunications services, and other big corporate business entities.

It will highlight how the Aadhaar biometric ID can drive business growth and enhance the smooth delivery of government welfare services in the country, while leaving users satisfied with the quality of serviced delivered.

The special campaign, which will be carried out by an agency still to be appointed, intends to highlight the fact that 1.3 billion Aadhaar ID number have been issued without cost or time overruns. (Other reports suggest otherwise.) It will stress the importance of the digital ID, other applications related to it and how they can be leveraged to improve the daily lives of users, notes the report.

The campaign will also touch on the importance of the Aadhaar for identity authentication for purposes of banking and financial transactions, payment of LPG fuel subsidy, opening of bank accounts, insurance policies, Jeevan Pramaan, capital market transactions, securing train travel reservations, access to airports, proof of identity and address for passport and other uses at the level of state and federal governments.

Previous legal injunctions have found that Aadhaar cannot be the only way to access services such as welfare and subsidies. Reports find that Aadhaar requirements are preventing children from attending school, and that ration cards have been erroneously cancelled due to linking issues with Aadhaar.

Another reason for the planned campaign is to dispel “misdirected criticism of UIDAI” and other information questioning the efficiency of the Aadhaar.

Authorities say the campaign will thus be an opportunity to give assurances to the public on issues such as data privacy, security, benefits and doubts regarding the functioning of the Aadhaar.

Recently, the UIDAI said it was commissioning a bug bounty program intended to identify and block vulnerabilities in the Aadhaar biometric system, as part of efforts to continue to improve on the functioning of the Aadhaar as the world’s biggest digital ID ecosystem.

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