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ValidSoft launches new voice biometrics solution, receives 2 awards

ValidSoft launches new voice biometrics solution, receives 2 awards

UK-based voice biometrics provider ValidSoft has released a new digit-based voice authentication solution to deliver trusted identity assurance in enterprise remote access applications (ZTNA, PAM and IAM).

Called See-Say Trusted Identity Assurance, the software tool is aimed at countering credential theft, social engineering hacks, replay attacks, and synthetic voice deepfake attacks.

“[This year] has brought with it the first barrage of socially engineered security credential theft attacks, and we are witnessing first-hand the devastating impact on organizations and consumers alike,” explains ValidSoft CEO Pat Carroll. “If a bad actor gets hold of privileged access security credentials, they can cause havoc.”

According to the company’s website, See-Say brings together voice biometric authentication and cryptographically generated numeric digits derived from the details of the privileged access request to create a record of the identity of the individual performing the access request. The combination of voice recognition with speech recognition adds a knowledge factor to the biometric authentication factor.

Highlighting the benefits of the new technology, ValidSoft says the cryptographically generated digits are substantially more secure than one-time passwords (OTP) as they are connected to the access/transaction and spoken in real time to authenticate the user.

In terms of uses, the company primarily mentions fighting enterprise identity credential theft but also tackling commerce and payment fraud, particularly peer-to-peer payments.

“See-Say Trusted Identity Assurance has been custom designed to counter such attacks, and the good news is that it can also be implemented as an overlay on top of existing authentication security defenses,” Carroll adds. “Organizations need to move quickly to address this critical exposure.”

Also, this month, ValidSoft received two awards in G2’s 2023 Grid Report for ‘Biometric Authentication Software – High Performer’ and ‘Easiest To Do Business With.’ According to Carroll, the awards cement the company’s status as a consistent market top performer in the field of voice biometrics.

“We are thrilled about receiving these two badges in the Biometric Authentication Grid,” the CEO says.

“Our G2 recognition confirms that many organizations consider ValidSoft a valuable and customer-focused partner in the use of voice authentication that is easy, fast, accurate, secure and quick to realize ROI.”

The updates come almost a year after ValidSoft hired Joe O’Donnell as its new chief growth officer.

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