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Biometrics Institute: US Discussion Day 2023

Biometrics Institute: US Discussion Day 2023

Biometrics Institute: US Discussion Day 2023
Washington, DC
June 21, 2023

The Biometrics Institute is dedicated to promoting the responsible, ethical, and effective use of biometric technology. As this technology continues to advance, it is important to consider how humans and machines can work in partnership to optimise synergy. To ensure that biometric use cases are implemented with a human-first approach, the Biometrics Institute’s Three Laws of Biometrics – policy, process, and then policy – are essential guidelines that will form part of this important discussion.

This year’s US Discussion Day provides a valuable platform for regulators, decision-makers, key stakeholders, and Biometrics Institute members to engage with one another and learn. The discussion will focus on current biometric developments as well as future trends and predictions.

Proposed themes to be discussed will include:

– As biometric programmes continue to evolve at pace, technology is becoming increasingly pervasive
– Not all uses of biometrics are being implemented with due diligence
– A lack of good practice has led to a decline in public trust, prompting oversight bodies to intensity calls to ban biometrics
– There are tools and solutions to help address these challenges
– The Biometrics Institute is facilitating this important and balanced discussion between public and private sector stakeholders

Who should attend:

– Government in service delivery and border management
– Police and law enforcement
– Healthcare
– Large corporates
– Retail and commerce
– Transport

We invite you to register now to secure your attendance at this highly anticipated event. Join us, participate in the discussions and help shape a responsible future for all.

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