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The role of biometrics and IAM in reinforcing the security of your enterprise applications

The role of biometrics and IAM in reinforcing the security of your enterprise applications

By Deepak Gupta, CTO & Co-Founder of LoginRadius

We’re in an era where we need to authenticate ourselves numerous times daily. Whether it’s flight booking or online shopping, we must present our digital identity for authentication and authorization. And enterprises catering to their customers online constantly strive to deliver the highest level of authentication security while customers interact with their platform.

However, delivering a secure customer experience isn’t the only thing users expect today! They expect delightful user experience throughout their journey. This means enterprises shouldn’t compromise user experience while reinforcing their enterprise security.

Since balancing customer experience with security isn’t a piece of cake, we need a reliable solution to this dilemma. And here’s where the critical role of a robust authentication mechanism with biometric authentication comes into play!

Let’s uncover the aspects associated with biometric authentication and the role of identity management in reinforcing enterprise security.

What is identity management and what is its role in reinventing biometric authentication?

Identity management refers to the set of processes that helps businesses streamline their authentication without compromising user experience and security.

A robust IAM solution helps enterprises revamp their customer journeys and ensure customer satisfaction.

Enterprises can leverage an identity management system to:

  • Improve customer experience from the moment a user interacts with their platform.
  • Enhance customer security and privacy with built-in security features, including multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and compliance management.
  • To streamline user experience through biometric authentication and passwordless authentication.

And when we talk about biometric authentication, identity management facilitates the seamless integration of biometric authentication on multiple applications, devices, and web platforms.

In a nutshell, if a business struggles to maintain adequate security without compromising overall customer experience, identity management with biometric authentication is the one-stop solution.

Practical applications of biometric authentication through robust IAM

Though businesses have been leveraging the true potential of IAM for years, cutting-edge systems offering biometric authentication have revolutionized the modern digital business landscape.

Let’s look at some practical business benefits of incorporating an IAM solution offering biometric authentication:

1. Modernizing access control

The conventional access control methods, including identification cards, PINs, or passwords, aren’t reliable enough to meet the current challenges.

Moreover, the increasing threat landscape and cybercriminals finding new social engineering attacks have also increased the risks.

Hence, a modern biometric authentication mechanism undoubtedly becomes the pressing need for businesses to reinforce their overall security posture and customer data security.

A biometric authentication not only enhances security but eventually cuts the costs that were earlier associated with recovering forgotten passwords. And users and enterprise employees can always use their unique biometric identity to authenticate themselves.

Apart from this, the chances of bypassing biometric security are negligible. Unlike the conventional password-based authentication systems where the credentials could be compromised, a biometric authentication system could never be compromised since every user has a unique biological identity.

2. Workforce management

Biometric adoption has significantly reduced payroll costs and eliminated errors since it delivers accurate employee authentication details.

The traditional tools used to manage a huge workforce had a lot of complications resulting in poor workforce management. On the other hand, biometric authentication within an enterprise has revolutionized the way users mark their attendance, in/out timings, and leave-related data.

This data can be easily leveraged to improve in-house processes leading to better employee outcomes and more cost savings.

3. Great user experience leading to more leads and conversions

With biometric authentication, businesses can unlock the doors of enhanced business growth since users always look for delightful experiences throughout their journey.

Furthermore, customers are already interacting with renowned players in the market, and hence they know what a great user experience feels like.

This means enterprises need to match the level of the customer experience offered by market players else they will soon lag behind their competitors.

Biometric authentication coupled with a robust IAM solution helps brands create smooth, frictionless, and quick authentication experiences that help ensure more lead generation and better conversion rates.

Users just need to authenticate themselves either through fingerprint recognition or facial recognition. And this process takes just a few seconds, enhancing user experience.

4. A compliance-ready solution

Most IAM solutions are compliance-ready solutions. This means they help enterprises comply with the necessary global data privacy and security compliance requirements.

These compliances include CCPA and GDPR, which require businesses to collect and store user information securely. And biometrics, one of the most critical aspects of customer data security, helps companies to reinforce their overall compliance structure.

In conclusion

With biometric authentication broadening the horizons for brands striving to balance perfect harmony between user experience and security, choosing a reliable IAM provider with biometric authentication is swiftly becoming the need of the hour.

Since customers expect a great user experience and security, putting your best foot forward in adopting cutting-edge technology in the form of an IAM system with biometric authentication could be a game-changer for your business.

About the author

Deepak Gupta is the CTO and co-founder of LoginRadius, a rapidly-expanding Customer Identity Management provider. He’s dedicated to innovating LoginRadius’ platform, and loves foosball and winning poker games! Connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

DISCLAIMER: Biometric Update’s Industry Insights are submitted content. The views expressed in this post are that of the author, and don’t necessarily reflect the views of Biometric Update.

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