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Nok Nok updates passwordless authentication suite, Entrust launches new zero trust tools

Identity Management Day 2023 sessions available online
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Nok Nok updates passwordless authentication suite, Entrust launches new zero trust tools

In an eventful week for passwordless authentication news, Nok Nok Labs has updated its S3 Authentication Suite (S3 Suite) with several new capabilities and Entrust has unveiled novel products to support a zero-trust approach to cybersecurity. The Identity Management Day 2023 also took place earlier this week.

Nok Nok enhances S3 Suite for payment organizations

The suite now supports four new capabilities, each aimed at a specific type of customer. For government and regulated industry support, Nok Nok is introducing passkeys and customized authentication rules, as well as support for security key tracking and inventory to “attest” that users are using security keys they were issued and not a third-party key.

For e-commerce and consumer support applications, the S3 suite now supports synced passkeys allowing consumers to access e-commerce sites by quickly signing in using biometrics instead of using a password from any of their devices.

Finally, Nok Nok is adding W3C Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC) support to the S3 suite. The company likened the new feature to integrating a POS terminal into browsers that allow users to authenticate via device biometrics instead of a card and (one-time) PIN.

“Organizations operating in finance, enterprise, e-commerce and government are up against increased pressure to comply, and regulation is only expected to become more stringent in the years to come,” comments Nok Nok CEO Phil Dunkelberger.

“We are expanding our offering to companies in key regulated sectors that need to be able to quickly and efficiently respond to the evolving regulations coming from the US and foreign governments.”

Entrust launches zero trust-ready solutions

The company recently shared several new passwordless capabilities and tools it will present at the RSA Conference 2023, which will take place on April 24 in San Francisco.

First, Entrust confirmed it would add new passwordless, certificate-based authentication with smart keys and FIDO2 passkeys to its Entrust Identity IAM suite. To accelerate device enrollment at scale, the platform will support cloud-based PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) as a Service (PKIaaS) turnkey integration with Microsoft Intune and other mobile device management (MDM) providers.

Entrust is also launching a hardware security module (HSM) called nShield 5 that will come with multitenant-capable architecture and post-quantum support. Additionally, the firm is updating its KeyControl software to version 10, which comes with multi-cloud key and secret policy compliance management features.

Finally, the company is upgrading its Identity as Service (IDaaS) solution with several new features, including high-assurance passwordless capabilities via FIDO2 passkeys and enhanced risk-based adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA). Also, support of outbound System for cross-domain identity management (SCIM) for app provisioning in third-party service providers and new (CIAM) features.

“Getting to a Zero Trust framework is a multi-year project, one that requires trusted partners to help you build your framework on a solid foundation,” says Bhagwat Swaroop, President of digital security solutions at Entrust.

“Entrust is uniquely positioned to help organizations establish Zero Trust foundations: including both high-assurance identity and access management and applied encryption to help secure data today and for the post-quantum future.”

The updates come days after Entrust unveiled a new two-year contract with the UK Home Office.

Passwordless authentication at Identity Management Day 2023

The online event came and went, but talks can still be accessed by registering at this link. Talks at Identity Management Day 2023 touched on passwordless authentication, establishing digital identity security best practices (presented by IDPro), 3 ways to navigate the path to enhanced authentication, continuous authentication for invisible MFA, and stronger authentication, stronger identities with Fido Alliance Executive Director Andrew Shikiar.

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