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Onfido partners to improve digital identity verification and accessibility

Better onboarding experience for Africa’s OjirehPrime users
Onfido partners to improve digital identity verification and accessibility

Onfido, a global identity verification and authentication provider, has partnered with  OjirehPrime, a digital bank based in Nigeria, to improve the process of secure online identity checks for African citizens. Using Onfido’s AI-powered technology, OjirehPrime customers will be able to verify their identity by taking a photo of the government-issued ID and a selfie from their mobile device. To ensure that the applicant owns the ID, Onfido will quickly verify the ID and then match that ID to the user’s selfie image.

This new process is coming to the new version (1.02) of the OjirehPrime mobile app and will create a better feel and improved user experience.

“It’s no news that our entire Playbook at OjirehPrime is predicated on the simple data that says Africa will account for 25% of the global population by the year 2050. This, to us, means that in the next 27 years, you’ll find a generation who have lived a lifetime on technology, so if we must win in the future, we must set our base right today. It’s a long journey and we’re willing to walk the whole length.” According to OjirehPrime’s Founder and CEO, Edoka Idoko.

More accessible identity verification process for UK businesses

Onfido has also recently joined forces with Mvine Ltd, an orchestration service provider, to simplify and enhance the accessibility of digital identity verification services. This partnership coincides with the launch of MvineID, a new service that provides UK businesses with quick and affordable ID verification checks (IDV).

Onfido is a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) under the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. Integrating Mvine’s digital identity hub with Onfido’s Real Identity Platform and Verification Suite will result in a solution engineered to deliver digital identity verification (IDV) checks with accessibility in mind.

Mvine’s customers can now select Onfido as their Identity Services Provider (IDSP) when requiring Right to Work, Right to Rent, and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. These checks, performed using fully remote technologies by Onfido, will then be processed through Mvine’s identity hub, delivering a tamper-proof, non-repudiable verification certification.

This partnership is set to disrupt traditional approaches to IDV checks, allowing professionals to buy IDV checks without integrating their systems into the IDSP.   

Nello Franco, Chief Customer Officer at Onfido, states, “We’re thrilled to partner with Mvine to help automate and streamline verification checks of UK businesses. Onfido’s AI-powered digital identity solution includes our award-winning document and biometric verification solutions, trusted data sources, and fraud detection signals to help businesses know their customers online. Automation enables businesses to acquire new customers and detect fraud while meeting global KYC and AML compliance.”

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