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eConnect and CasinoTrac integrate facial recognition to improve casino experiences

eConnect and CasinoTrac integrate facial recognition to improve casino experiences

eConnect has collaborated with CasinoTrac, integrating real-time casino data with facial recognition. This joint venture, recently rolled out in what the partners describe as a major Native American casino in Texas, promises heightened Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and security measures, streamlined surveillance, and an improved experience for valued patrons.

While many casinos heavily invest in surveillance, they often lack a consolidated facial recognition system. Conventionally, venues have had to match individuals with reference pictures manually. This process is time-consuming and lacks comprehensive data correlation with identity databases in disparate areas of the casino.

eConnect’s facial recognition system integrates with all major casino systems, automating the identification process and collating all the data into a central database, according to the announcement. This allows for speedy and automatic recognition of employees, VIPs, and bad actors. This system provides immediate alerts to staff in the event of suspicious activity. Additionally, when high-stake players arrive, the system instantly notifies the host, enabling casinos to provide tailored services, from personal greetings to complimentary offers.

Henry Valentino III, eConnect’s CEO, describes the partnership as transformative for the gaming and hospitality sectors. “The integration of real-time data from CasinoTrac’s CMS amplifies our facial recognition capabilities. We can now swiftly identify high-value patrons, bolstering security and simplifying surveillance operations,” stated Valentino.

Chad Hoehne, President of Table Trac Inc., which designs, develops, and sells CasinoTrac, praises the swift market introduction of the project, adding, “Making real-time data accessible to operators and third-party associates should be the norm, and we’re thrilled to pave the way.”

This collaboration showcases the potential of harnessing facial recognition technology to provide patrons with a secure, tailored experience while bolstering the gaming industry’s security and operational effectiveness, according to the announcement.

Konami’s facial recognition for player identification and loyalty programs was licensed by an Australian gaming machine supplier earlier this year.

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