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Digital ID project in Barbados may arrive home this year

Digital ID project in Barbados may arrive home this year

After years of work by the government, Barbadians could have a digital ID anytime this year, following assurances from the country’s Minister of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology Davidson Ishmael.

As reported by Nation News, the announcement of the digital ID rollout means the government will go ahead with its plans of phasing out the old ID cards, which are to be replaced by another credential dubbed Trident ID.

Last year, the government had said the process to replace the laminated IDs with Trident IDs will continue until January 31. Early last year, there were calls for Barbadians who have enrolled for the Trident ID to collect them.

Once the Trident IDs are in place, the government will proceed with the second phase of the project, which is that of rolling out the digital ID, the article notes.

Barbados has been working over the years to introduce a digital ID, although the plans have met with friction by some sections of the Caribbean island nation’s population.

According to Ishmael, although state authorities are intensifying efforts on getting the digital ID phase of the project off the ground, there are a number of issues that need to be sorted out, including the launch of a tender to choose a contractor.

He is quoted by Nation News as saying that while they “are working assiduously to get the digital ID delivered within the course of this year,” other crucial aspects related to the project such as “the technology, the processes and more importantly the people,” need to be worked out.

The Barbadian technology minister says the imminent rollout of the digital ID is part of the country’s digital transformation agenda. The ID, Ishmael explains, is a mobile credential that seeks to facilitate the way citizens get access to a number of public and private sector services.

The official has described the digital ID as an important digital public infrastructure that will streamline access to digital government services.

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