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VoxelSensors demonstrate Spatial Awareness system at Mobile World Congress 2024

VoxelSensors demonstrate Spatial Awareness system at Mobile World Congress 2024

VoxelSensors, a company specializing in sensing technology for mobile, XR, and industrial applications, is demonstrating its first Spatial Awareness system at the Mobile World Congress 2024. This system uses the company’s Single Photon Active Event Sensing (SPAES) technology alongside a single illuminator to enhance the user experience on mobile devices, making it more intuitive and immersive.

The technology improves the security and efficiency of face authentication systems through its rapid and accurate detection of facial features. SPAES sensors are designed for energy efficiency and can capture detailed information, thereby improving the quality of photos and videos with better focus, depth sensing, and low light performance.

Furthermore, integrating EyeWay Vision’s technology into the system elevates its potential to deliver an immersive experience. The combination of EyeWay Vision’s expertise in gaze tracking and projection technology with SPAES abilities enables devices to not only interpret the environment but also understand the user’s focus and intentions.

“The combined power of Single Photon Active Event Sensing and EyeWay Vision’s technology addresses customer demands for power-efficient, low-latency, and precise perception and interaction systems,” says Ward van der Tempel, chief technology officer at VoxelSensors.

VoxelSensors has made a strategic move to acquire EyeWay Vision, a company known for its advancements in gaze tracking for XR applications. The aim is to expand its technological portfolio further. By acquiring EyeWay Vision, the company will have access to intellectual and industrial property, allowing it to consolidate its expertise in the field.

The strategic advantage of integrating EyeWay Vision’s gaze tracking with VoxelSensors’ SPAES technology is the capability to deliver precision and efficiency in spatial awareness and empathic interaction. According to VoxelSensors, the combination of depth sensing, gaze tracking, and empathic computing can potentially change how users interact with digital content across various devices.

“Together, these advancements position us as a major player in the rapidly evolving spatial and empathic computing market for mobile and XR devices. By combining our technologies, we can offer seamless and intuitive interactions in these domains, significantly enhancing user experience while utilizing our efficient SPAES sensor,” says Johannes Peeters, chief executive officer at VoxelSensors.

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