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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement biometrics refers to applications and biometric systems which aid law enforcement agencies. While most often fingerprints, DNA, and in some cases facial recognition, this is a wide-ranging category and can include AFIS, ABIS, mobile identification systems, criminal ID solutions, fingerprint recognition, surveillance, as well as access control systems.


KlaasKids takes fingerprints, photographs & DNA to protect kids

The KlaasKids Foundation conducted a free fingerprinting and photograph session for children on July 14. The special child identification program was…


Families of missing persons in Canada call for DNA database

Families in Canada tracking missing family members are calling for a national DNA database that can help identify missing persons and…


Homeland Security Conference to be held in November

November 13 to 15 is the scheduled date for the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security. The conference…


Fingerprints from Bulgarian terrorist attack sent to Interpol & FBI

Experts at Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry successfully recovered fingerprints from the suicide bomber who attacked Israeli tourists last week and forwarded the…


Arizona county to use mobile biometric ID systems

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) in Arizona is the first law enforcement agency in the U.S. to use BI2 Technologies’…


Canadian officials inspect Afghan/Pakistani border biometric system

The Pakistani border community of Chaman was recently visited by a delegation from the High Commission of Canada to Pakistan….


Carnegie Mellon University to set up New Pedo-Biometrics Research and Identity Automation Lab

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) researchers are turning to human feet as new biometric identifier. With $1.5 million per year, CMU’s…


DNA breakthrough in 36-year old Michigan slayings

It’s a real “Cold Case”. After 36 years, the new DNA techniques have provided a breakthrough on the killings of…


Secure Planet’s Biometric Android app released on Google Play

Secure Planet has recently launched a free Android phone application called Secure BioID-Lite App on Google Play Andriod app store….


Governments need to work on passport, National ID reliability

No two persons are alike. This fact has long been established through extensive biometric research and study. For this reason,…

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