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Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)

The Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) requires organizations to acquire consent prior to collecting a person’s biometric data for commercial purposes.


BIPA suit against X Corp. killed as judge hashes out ‘biometric identifiers’

The question of whether photos collected by social media sites constitute biometric data has another answer, this one from an…


Rights groups urge Clearview plaintiffs to opt out of settlement

Activist groups in California are urging members of a class action against Clearview AI to reject the settlement recently agreed…


Vermont governor rejects privacy law that would be among strongest in US

The governor of Vermont says the state’s proposed data protection law is too risky, and has returned H.121, “An act…


Meta scores biometric privacy lawsuit win over Facebook non-users

A BIPA class action lawsuit against social media giant Meta has been quashed. The suit alleged that Meta Platforms Inc….


Clearview settles BIPA lawsuit, plaintiffs take 23% of company

Settlements in biometric data privacy class action suits have taken several forms over the past several years, but a new…


Biometric data collection proves costly for violators but damages capped in Illinois

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is on a data privacy mission, as Chair Lina Khan takes to task data controllers…


Déjà vu BIPA lawsuits filed against Walmart, Target

Three of the largest retailers in America are each facing accusations of violating Illinois’ biometric data protection law in court….


Limit to accrual of biometric data privacy violation penalties a step away in Illinois

Illinois legislators have approved amendments to the state’s notorious Biometric Information Privacy Act to limit the definition of violations under…


Selfie biometrics tailored to different sectors but must defend against fraud and lawsuits

Innovatrics presents a use case, AuthID nabs a new deal and another BIPA lawsuit has been filed over selfie biometrics…


Amendments to limit biometric data privacy damages advance in Illinois’ House

A bill to amend America’s most punitive biometric data privacy law is advancing in the Illinois legislature. As the bill…

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