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From Joe Biden to Taylor Swift, the era of the celebrity deepfakes has begun

U.S. President Joe Biden is not robocalling voters to tell them not to vote in state primaries – and Pindrop…


Deepfake voice attacks are here to put detection to the real-world test

It’s put up or shut up time for biometric software companies and public researchers claiming they can detect deepfake voices….


Generative speech firm ElevenLabs raises $19M, launches tool to snuff out deepfakes

As the risks presented by generative AI fraud may be growing worldwide, ElevenLabs has unveiled a new tool that will…


Journalist uses AI voice to break into own bank account

In a recent experiment, Vice.com writer Joseph Cox used an AI-generated voice to bypass Lloyds Bank security and access his…


Voice deepfakes on the rise; biometrics can help

A new type of deepfake is spreading, based on voice recordings. Voice biometric algorithms continue to improve, and threat actors…

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