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Biometric Update regularly authors articles about ethics. The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news concerning ethics. Additional topics may be explored by accessing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


Strong words from investment firms about using facial recognition ethically

Categorization AI algorithms should be “avoided at all costs” by companies, according to almost two dozen industry investment firms that…


Private medical record photos spotted in biometrics training dataset

Medical record photos are private — but that may not stop them from showing up in datasets used to train…


Researchers pitch model law for facial recognition to Australian government

Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney have published a model law to regulate facial recognition technologies in the country….


Prominent facial recognition researcher scraped videos of trans people, left dataset exposed

New research finds that a controversial facial recognition dataset of trans people remained available online for years after the initial…


African nations must implement safeguards against humanitarian digital ID risks: researcher

African countries must put in place policies to ensure that personal data such as biometrics collected for humanitarian purposes are…


Enable firms to understand and tackle their AI biases, NIST to launch ‘socio-technical approach’

Enterprises will need to have the tools, skills and human oversight to detect and remove bias in their artificial intelligence…


First ever government biometrics code moves toward approval in Scotland

According to a report out of Scotland, that northern reach of the United Kingdom is finalizing its biometric code of…


Hikvision security camera deployments come under scrutiny in New Zealand

The use of Hikvision security cameras is being reviewed by some organizations in New Zealand, following the UK recently rolling…


‘Digital asbestos’: UK government departments are rolling back on contracts with Hikvision

Campaigners are increasing the pressure for the UK government to take action on Chinese state-affiliated surveillance equipment suppliers such as…


Ethical AI and biometrics move forward. More industry, academia effort needed

A series of initiatives have recently been unveiled by businesses and nonprofits showing different approaches to and perspectives on artificial…

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