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Biometric Update regularly publishes posts about ethics. The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news related to ethics. Additional topics may be explored by reviewing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


NGOs sound alarm over facial recognition systems’ lack of transparency in Latin America

The Al Sur NGO consortium has published a new report calling facial recognition implementation by some Latin American governments ‘perverse.’…


Telpo joins Chinese facial recognition best practices group

Telpo announced it joined a Chinese industry body that promotes biometric privacy protections, safety, and best practices with facial recognition….


Primer on the multiple Covid roles for biometrics – it’s not just for tracing anymore

Just as the Covid pandemic encompasses much more than people getting sick, identity biometrics can have scores of positive and…


Notre Dame-IBM Tech Ethics Lab announces project funding, including biometrics and digital ID

The Notre Dame-IBM Tech Ethics Lab has announced 26 projects recommended for funding, including those with a biometrics and digital…


Tech5 commits to ‘consent-based’ images for facial recognition algorithm training databases

Geneva-based digital identity management firm Tech5 is committing itself to the “conscious choice” to keep investing in using images gathered…


Industry, civil society weigh in on biometrics policy in letters to White House

Stakeholders and advocates are chiming in with responses to a U.S. government request for information on public and private sector uses…


Sampson talks ethics with Facewatch as biometric privacy concerns resurface

UK grocer Southern Co-op has expanded its use of live facial recognition (LFR) to 35 of its stores, The Daily…


Taking bias out of AI is starting to look like a job for AI

The effort to tear bias and racism from AI algorithms — and societies — would seem to be as complex…


Lots of skepticism and worry about emotion recognition not a turnoff for entrepreneurs

As happens with all promising new tech, initial coverage of emotional recognition tended to be rosy until an alarmist, and…


Once little-known data-analysis office in DHS gets heat about facial recognition

Facial recognition was part of the text and subtext of a U.S. Senate intelligence committee hearing last week. The hearing…

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