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lie detection

Biometric Update regularly releases posts related to the term "lie detection." The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news concerning "lie detection" and other relevant terms. More tags may be explored by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Pangea deploys AI stress detection system for Southeast Asia government

Pangea has announced that a Southeast Asia government organization will employ its Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems for analyzing psycho-physiological indicators….


Programmer builds a better lie detector with computer vision and facial analysis

A remote lie detector based on biometric signals has been developed by Fletcher Heisler, host of the ‘Everything is Hacked’…


Feeling stressed? Trust us, you are. Pangea develops biometric psychophysiological analysis

An Israeli digital ID software maker says it has acquired a sensor startup’s assets with which to build face biometrics…


Partial success in transparency lawsuit into EU’s AI lie detector research

Member of the European Parliament and civil liberties campaigner Patrick Breyer has achieved a partial success in his legal dispute…


Most accurate lie detection to date from ‘tell-tale’ muscle activation claimed

A new technology analyzes tell-tale activation of facial muscles to reveal the telling of a lie with unprecedented 73 percent…


Don’t remove AI’s training wheels at the border yet — authors

Two authors looked at digital identification and surveillance used by multiple nations around the world and found that generally democratic…


Show documents on public funding for biometric lie detector system, EU lawmaker demands in court

A lawsuit to force the European Union’s Research Executive Agency (REA) to release documentation for the funding of a trial…


Tone-deaf AI advocates need a transparency algorithm

Some in the facial recognition community complain that opponents will never be satisfied there is enough transparency in the development…


EU to pilot AI facial analysis to catch dishonest travelers

The European Union will run a pilot of an artificial intelligence border control system for six months at four border…

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