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Biometric Update regularly writes articles about passwords. The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news about passwords. Additional topics may be explored by reviewing our complete Biometrics Topics list.


Death, taxes and … passwords — must we accept them?

More words have been written about love, but the subject of passwords surely is creeping up on it. Two new…


UK looks to replace passwords with biometric technology to reduce NHS login time

The U.K. government is investing £40 million (USD$52 million) in multi-factor authentication technology to upgrade NHS staff computer login system…


Consumers prefer biometric authentication to traditional passwords, Visa says

Almost 70 percent of U.S. shoppers did not go through with an online purchase because they either forgot the password,…


AuthenTrend presents biometric passwordless authentication solution at CES 2020

With passwords reported as the main cause for compromise, passwordless authentication is gaining momentum. AuthenTrend is one of the 80…


Federal, state court rulings on whether biometrics protected by Fifth Amendment get murky

A recent 4 to 3 ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court noticeably declined to address the matter of whether law…


In 2019 users still write down passwords, weak IAM practices generate enterprise security risk

In the past three months, 78 percent of people reset passwords because they forgot them, despite 35 percent writing them…


FIDO, Equifax push for passwordless, biometric authentication to prevent data breaches

At the recent World Economic Forum Cybersecurity Summit in Geneva, CNN spoke about going passwordless, biometrics and cybersecurity with Andrew…


Streaming giants attack password sharing

A new front seems to be opening up in the emerging struggle between the password and biometrics. Netflix, HBO, and…


Ensurity and Secret Double Octopus extend FIDO2 passwordless authentication options

A pair of companies have announced moves to bring FIDO2-certified passwordless authentication with biometrics or physical tokens to the enterprise….


Password sprawl and reuse outstrip MFA and biometrics among LastPass users

Only one percent of LastPass multifactor authentication systems in use leverage biometrics, according to new research from LastPass, though the…

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