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Patients not anti-face biometrics, but won’t tolerate privacy missteps — research

A U.S. study probing the acceptability of using face biometrics for medical research shows that participants are worried about identification…


UK academics introduce improved neural network for highly precise facial recognition

Researchers from the University of Surrey’s Centre for Vision, Speech, and Signal Processing have been working on a more precise…


Amazon detects fear with biometric facial analysis as MoodMe partners with Texas A&M

The biometric face analysis capabilities of Amazon Rekognition have been upgraded with improved accuracy and functionality, including detection of fear,…


CloudWalk re-identification technology extends facial biometric tracking with improved accuracy

CloudWalk has developed re-identification technology that can track a person by clothing, hairstyle, and posture, to extend and supplement facial…


NEC person re-identification tech matches images of people partially hidden from cameras

NEC announced the development of what it calls “Person Re-identification Technology” that is capable of matching images of people whose…


Personal re-identification innovation could extend camera tracking beyond facial biometrics

The utility of facial recognition in public surveillance systems could be significantly improved if the systems could continue to identify…

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