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SIM card registration

Biometric Update regularly releases articles related to the term "SIM card registration." The following set of links is available to help you find biometrics news concerning "SIM card registration" and other relevant terms. More tags may be explored by accessing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


India using face biometrics to fight fraud in voting and mobile registration

Indian officials across India are increasingly using facial recognition to identify fraud in elections and SIM card registrations. The State…


Facial recognition helps Indian authorities identify SIM fraudsters

Authorities in two Indian states have deactivated 17,000 SIM cards after using facial recognition technology to detect subscribers issued SIM…


Namibia no longer requires biometrics as part of SIM card registration

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) mandated registration of SIM cards on January 1st, 2023. They recently removed the…


India fighting fake SIMs despite facial recognition tools, new penalties

India’s Telecom Department and police are fighting distribution of SIM cards that are obtained through fake documents and biometrics scams….


Ghana plans mass block of SIM cards not registered with biometrics

Slightly over 11 million SIM cards not biometrically registered in Ghana will be blocked by the end of this month…


Biometric SIM registration soon in Mozambique, Ghana orders block of unlinked lines

The club of countries introducing biometrics for SIM card registration continues to expand with Mozambique being the latest to unveil…


India state runs facial recognition on unsuspecting telco customers to fight fraud

Facial recognition algorithms reportedly have identified 30,000 fake SIM cards this spring in the west coast Indian state of Gujarat….


Looming mass SIM deactivation in Philippines spurs brainstorm

The Philippines’ subscriber identity module (SIM) registration drive has stalled, and the government department overseeing technology is looking for ways…


Seamfix extends MTN’s biometric SIM registration to 5 more African nations

Telecom provider MTN Group is expanding its biometric SIM registration program into five new countries in Africa through its partnership…


Indian officials use facial recognition to identify thousands of fraudulent SIM cards

Almost 500,000 irregularly-registered SIM cards have been blocked in the Mewat region of India’s Haryana state since January 2022, many…

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