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Biometric security now available for SAP


Secugen fingerprint readers now work in combination with bioLock software from Realtime North America Inc., to provide a biometric identity management and fraud prevention system for SAP.

The compatibility between SecuGen fingerprints scanners with software from bioLock enables administrators of SAP systems more control over sensitive activities. Services such as financial transactions, access to client or vendor data and the viewing of confidential company documents can be screened and monitored at the granular level. Also, current users or enrollees can be re-authenticated in the event they need to access or perform particular activities that are beyond their clearance level.

With the combined hardware and software, passwords no longer become necessary as they are replaced with actual biometric data from enrolled users. With an automated security system in place, governance, management and regulatory compliance are strictly imposed along with a defined segregation of duties.

The SecuGen fingerprint readers are famous across the globe for their accuracy, ability to perform in any condition and for being relatively affordable. The readers are armed with an “auto-on” feature that allows them to detect whether a finger has been placed on the reader automatically. This feature allows for faster processing.

The new hardware also comes with a “smart capture” feature, which is basically an automatic adjustment of the scanner the moment it senses a difficult image capture scenario. The scanner adjusts for brightness when the user has dry, wet, scarred or aged skin in order to make the capture clear and usable.

Both the SecuGen Hamster Plus and the Hamster IV fingerprint readers are easy to operate scanners that boast of improve speed and image quality. The seamless harmony in which the bioLock and SAP software work gives security administrators better control, and eases the burden of personnel management.

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