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IDair sees boost in demand for fingerprint scanner after PopSci shout-out


No press is bad press, as they say, but what about great press? After being listed in this year’s “Best of What’s New” list in Popular Science, U.S.-based IDair has seen a significant increase in demand for its AIRprint fingerprint scanner, Al.com reports.

The AIRprint is a unique fingerprint scanner that can effectively scan fingerprints through photographic capture from as far as six meters.

“There’s a burgeoning space in mobile device and biometric hardware, when you’re going to use some sort of personal identification and credentials on your phone in an (application) or used by an app,” Jay Ange, director of sales of IDair said.

“Biometrics in general has been more readily adopted and is in much higher use outside of the U.S. today, but the promise of not having to remember your password necessarily or to be able to up the level of security through password and fingerprint are being folded into systems of all kinds.”

Though the AIRprint is technically capable of a six-meter scan, according to Ange the standard distance this device works is between two and six feet. As previously reported in BiometricUpdate.com, the AIRprint uses only one finger, but enhancements are being made to meet the standard for commercial use, which is the use of four fingers.

According to the Al.com article, most of IDair’s customers are military clients, but increasingly, it’s been working with companies in other sectors, including one unnamed customer that could use hundreds of thousands of IDair’s scanners. This company saw models in September and is now beginning beta testing of the scanners.

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