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Delfigo Security files patent on keystroke and touch-based biometrics

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Delfigo Security has filed a utility patent based on identification through keystroke or mobile touch-based biometrics.

According to the company, its newly developed technology improves the strength of enrollment data for new users of keystroke and mobile biometric solutions, resulting in better scoring immediately following enrollment.

“The well known and understood phenomenon of Hysteresis, which is the dependence of a system not only on its current environment but also on its past environment is key to ensure that we turn mobile user data into big data at the micro scale,” Ralph Rodriguez, CEO of Delfigo Security said. “Our scientific team of physicists has taken our unique approach into almost a quantum scale whereby we are able to detect unique dependencies because the system can be in more than one internal state. This coupled with our ability to take a high-dimensional enrollment phase space after user enrollment is complete creates a solution that is truly a game changing leap forward in applying mathematics and physics to identity management.”

Keystroke dynamics is a growing trend in biometric identification. Reported previously, HID Global announced a new partnership recently with BehavioSec to create a system in which users’ identity are regularly verified after login based on characteristics, including keystroke dynamics.

In addition, online education firm Coursera has recently announced that students can opt in to a program which aims to verify the identity using a photo and keystroke dynamics.

“Identity management needs to account for the concept that past behavior affects the current state of identity,” Hyoun Park, Principal Analyst at Nucleus Research said. “By reinforcing hysteresis, companies can create an identity state for each user that reflects past behavior rather than simply depending on a static password or identity profile. As a result, companies can develop a dynamic user identification where the current state of identity is defined and amplified by the past.”

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