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Actionable Intelligence Summit

Actionable Intelligence for Defense and Homeland Security

Adapting Technologies to Enhance the Efficiency of Tactical Operations

One of the top priorities of the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies is to reduce the number of surprise encounters on the battlefield by increasing the availability and efficiency of tactical information. Operators need the tools and training to help them identify friends or foes, to know where threats are, to see inside buildings and around corners or over hills and increase awareness of cultural patterns that might indicate imminent danger. Constant actionable intelligence must remain a top priority of all combat forces for objectives to be reached that result in successful mission outcomes.

Timely battlefield decisions demand accurate information. This event will focus on the processes and solutions needed to enhance tactical operations through the breakdown and communication of vital intelligence. The summit will explore the ways that information is collected, processed, and shared as well as the latest requirements meant to enhance the operator’s combat capability.

IDGA’s Actionable Intelligence for Defense and Homeland Security will bring together all relevant stakeholders to discuss the most pressing issues facing the intelligence community. Examine future trends, identify immediate and long-term needs, and uncover up-and-coming technologies for use in evolving threat environments. Policy makers, uniformed service leaders, law enforcement and industry partners will gather in Washington D.C. to network, share best practices and explore potential paths to analyze the future of actionable intelligence.

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