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Microsoft says facial recognition not retained, transmitted by Xbox One


As a part of a detailed disclosure on privacy, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will not retain the facial data of its users.

It has been long reported that through a built in Kinect camera, the Xbox One will employ facial recognition. This news has been of concern to many prospective buyers for the anticipated platform launch, especially amid other reports that Microsoft has supplied personal information of its users to the NSA.

Reported in CVG, the company has also been specific to point out that data from its facial recognition technology is not sent to Microsoft and instead, that it stays on the console and is destroyed after a user’s session ends.

In July, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One will not only include facial recognition, but will use it to target ads to its users. It’s also been rumored that the new Xbox console can measure heart rate based on a user’s skin color and transparency, though how this will be used by the system has yet to be seen.

Microsoft certainly isn’t the only platform player looking to introduce a level of biometrics to its gaming experience. Reported previously, in September, Sony confirmed that its new console will also include facial recognition, through the use of a separately-sold Kinect-style camera. There were also previously rumors that Sony would say goodbye to its long-used DualShock in favour of a new controller which would feature fingerprint biometrics, though it appears that the controller will now be released without a sensor.

Just last week, OBJ Enterprises, an independent game developer announced its acquisition of development studio Novalon Games as a part of its public push for a “biometric gaming revolution.”

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