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More phones launch in Korea with Fingerprint Cards sensors


Fingerprint Cards is doing a ton of business in Asia, and today, the company announced yet another slew of Pantech phones including its technology for sale in Korea.

The new Android models – IM-A900S, IM-A900K and IM-A900L, Vega Secret Up – follow the successful launches of Pantech Vega LTE-A and Vega Secret Note.

“The Korean market is one of the most advanced mobile markets,” Thomas Rex, EVP Sales & Marketing of FPC said. “Pantech has become a pioneer in finger-sensor-enabled products with a wide product range and its related security and convenience applications, such as the Bartong payment service.”

As we’ve reported, the Bartong service Rexspeaks of was recently launched in Korea by Danal and CrucialTec. The first phone to integrate the system is the Pantech VEGA LTE-A.

”We have received very positive feed-back on the finger sensor and its associated secure applications in Pantech Vega LTE-A and Vega Secret Note and we are happy to deploy this important feature in more products,” Mr. Lee, Pantech’s leader of the compondent development team at Pantech said. “Our finger sensor enabled products are all compatible with the Korean payment service called Bartong.”

Fingerprint Cards CEO, Johan Carlstrom was recently interviewed by Reuters, in which he said that Samsung will soon launch a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor. He also said that considering the biometric and fingerprint sensor industry’s growth potential, he wouldn’t be open to a sale as Fingerprint Cards has not yet been fully valued (with a $488 million market capitalization).

If you’ll remember, a bogus press release was published earlier this year which alleged that Samsung had acquired Fingerprint Cards for $650 million. Both companies have confirmed that the announcement was fake, and the origin and intent of the bogus release is still being investigated, though there are signs that it could be related to an earlier Adobe hack.

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