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EAB announces ‘Age Factors in Biometrics’ session at IBPC2014

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The European Association of Biometrics has announced a session on “Age Factors in Biometrics,” in conjunction with the International Biometrics Performance Testing Conference 2014, which is set to take place in Gaithersburg, MD.  

According to the group, the aim of the workshop is to bring together experts in the field of biometrics in order to discuss the robustness and reliability of biometric recognition systems based on diverse biometric characteristics over time, which has been recently investigated by different researchers. Having a stronger grip on the issue of ageing will contribute to better policies, processes, procedures and business cases, ultimately resulting in a higher Return on Investment for all stakeholders on the long term.

“I am happy that the EAB has initiated this workshop together with NIST, NPL and Fraunhofer IGD, as there is a clear gap in our knowledge how ageing is impacting biometric performance on the long term,” Christoph Busch, board member of the EAB said. “This has become a crucial matter, as biometrics are increasingly being used for national identity schemes including passports, birth certificates and other breeder documents. As these documents are typically supposed to have a long term usability (a birth certificate even lifelong), this knowledge gap must be solved.”

While current research is focused on short and mid-term age factors, only little is known regarding the long term effects of ageing on biometric performance concerning large populations. At IBPC2014 a panel discussion will take place to address the feasibility of concepts for long-term robust biometric references that could be used in future standardized birth certificates and other applications that involve large scale and long term storage of biometric references. The discussion is also supposed to initiate further activities on this matter.

Reported previously in BiometricUpdate.com, a recent NIST study found that irises do not deteriorate enough to affect biometric identification.

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