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Credence ID, Fulcrum Biometrics provide mobile biometric solutions for prisons in Mexico and Guatemala


Credence ID and Fulcrum Biometrics announced two new deployments of their combined Android-based mobile biometric equipment and software in Mexico and Guatemala, to manage jail populations as well as improve prisoner and public safety.

For the Guatemala project, the Policia Nacional Civil de Guatemala will use the Trident device, which features fingerprints, iris matching and facial recognition, in its national prison system to both enroll and identify detainees with on-board biometric matching capability.

In addition to the Guatemala project, Credence ID and Fulcrum have also received purchase orders for a prison management and roll call project in Mexico.

The Fulcrum biometrics-written Android application is in support of a larger server based prison management system developed by one of the company’s local partners. Operating on top of the Fulcrum Biometric Framework, the server based solution supports the fingerprint and iris recognition capabilities of the Trident and Credence One devices.

“Fulcrum is finding great receptivity to Credence ID’s Android-based devices throughout Central and South America for use in various civil and public safety applications,” said Ken Nosker, president and CEO of Fulcrum Biometrics. “By combining Credence ID hardware and Neurotechnology’s MegaMatcher development tools for Android, we are finally able to rapidly develop and deliver mobile biometric solutions into a market that demands low cost, multi-modal equipment that is as easy to use as today’s ‘smart’ Android devices.”

Credence ID device’s onboard storage and matching capabilities make them ideal for use in prisons because they are usually hard to network wirelessly as a result of the large amount of concrete and metal used in the buildings.

The application instantly downloads the whole “roll call” from the master database then uses onboard matching to ultimately verify that all inmates are in the exact location they should be in. Prisoners just need to touch the scanner or look into the iris camera to provide accurate and rapid identification when they move from room to room.

The roll call application automatically marks prisoners as being present or not, and stores the information on the respective device. It then wirelessly uploads the data to the control room and alerts the officer of any irregularities.

“Fulcrum Biometrics is a highly experienced biometrics company and we are delighted that they selected our platform for these two important public safety projects,” said Bruce Hanson, president and CEO of Credence ID. “We designed and developed our products from the bottom up for easy Android application development, to be mobile and extremely cost-effective. Fulcrum and others clearly understand the versatility of the Credence ID platform and how the world is moving towards mobile biometric ID.”

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