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Samsung Galaxy devices deploy Sensory speech recognition technology


Sensory Inc. announced that Samsung has deployed its TrulyHandsfree voice technology across its Galaxy smartphones, tablets, cameras, and wearables.

As an always-listening voice control solution, TrulyHandsfree enables users to activate and access their smartphone or device with an ultra-low power voice trigger.

Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree voice control offers high accuracy command set capabilities, eliminating the need for close talking mics, quiet rooms, or completely accurate speech commands.

Samsung mobile and wearable devices use this voice technology to answer calls, activate the camera, or perform other functions, as well as the voice trigger for S-Voice.

Additionally, the technology is capable of working in loud environments, offers a low risk of false starts and does not drain the device’s battery.

Samsung first began deploying the TrulyHandsfree technology in its Galaxy S2 smartphone before going on to incorporating the technology in its Galaxy Note 1, 2, 3, and 4 devices, the Galaxy Gear wearables line, and Samsung cameras and tablets which deploy S-Voice.

“Samsung continues to be a standard bearer and innovator in an array of dazzling and savvy technology devices which meet the needs of mass consumers,” said Sensory CEO Todd Mozer. “We are very pleased that they have selected Sensory for all their embedded speech.”

Last month, Sensory released an updated version of its TrulyHandsfree Voice Control on its NLP-5x single chip solution, which improves accuracy by up to 50% and reduces power consumption by 65% when compared to previous versions.

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