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Sensory releases updated version of voice recognition solution


Sensory announced it has released an updated version of its TrulyHandsfree Voice Control on its NLP-5x single chip solution, improving accuracy by up to 50% and lowering power consumption by 65% when compared to previous versions.

The always-on, always-listening voice control solution for consumer electronics has been used in over 500 million products from a wide range of manufacturers, including Motorola, Samsung, Intel, LG, Partech, Hallmark, and TomTom.

With a rapid response time and significantly low power consumption, TrulyHandsfree trigger technology has become the most widely adopted keyword spotting technology in the speech industry, said Sensory.

The NLP-5x solution provides products with advanced speech recognition, text-to-speech, high quality music, speech synthesis, and robotic control, as well as includes a low cost DSP with built in ADC, DAC, memory.

The NLP is designed for low cost consumer electronic products such as remote controls, IoT, home electronic devices, and robotic toys, triggering the products to turn on and perform various actions all by voice control.

“With this latest TrulyHandsfree on the NLP-5x chip, we are very pleased to continue our mission in offering the most innovative, yet small-footprint, low power voice recognition solutions,” said Sensory CEO Todd Mozer.

The announcement comes a month after Sensory expanded its voice biometric solutions to support a wide range of languages across 41 countries, including Mandarin, Spanish and English.

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