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Bionym rebrands to Nymi and launches new product kit


Bionym announced today that it has changed its name to Nymi Inc. and that its first product will now be called the “Nymi Band”. Founded in 2011, Nymi is a spin-off from the University of Toronto, focused on delivering unique and usable digital identity solutions.

The firm’s Nymi Band is a biometric wristband that can seamlessly confirm a user’s identity to unlock devices and remember passwords using a person’s unique heart signature, known as an electrocardiogram, or ECG. The core of the Nymi Band contains encrypted hardware to keep communications safe, an accelerometer, a gyroscope for gesture recognition, and a haptic feedback motor. Designed using hypo-allergenic materials, the Nymi Band is designed to be versatile, comfortable and provide a “persistent identity experience”.

The team behind Nymi has also announced that it has begun selling a developer-targeted version of the Nymi Band called the “Nymi Band Discovery Kit” which will begin shipping on December 15.

“The Nymi Band Discovery Kit represents an important milestone for us,” said Lauren Long, Product Manager at Nymi. “This kit makes our hardware widely available to the developer community to continue fueling the development of the Nymi ecosystem.”

The kit includes the final hardware Nymi Band, the Nymi Companion Application, the Unlock Application and the Nymi Password Vault for the Windows platform. Nymi expects to release a Mac version of the kit soon.

Qualified customers can change their Nymi Band pre-orders to Nymi Band Discovery Kits while maintaining the pre-order price of $79 per device. Nymi Band customers not wishing to receive the Nymi Band Discovery Kit can keep their existing pre-order pricing, and their units will be shipped when final end-user software is available in the new year. In January, both the Nymi Band and Nymi Band Discovery Kit will increase in price to $149. As a consequence, the company encourages consumers to order or pre-order their products by the end of the year to secure early adopter pricing.

“The Nymi Band stands as the only wearables platform that is looking to change the way we provide our identity to the devices and services around us,” notes Shawn Chance, VP of Marketing at Nymi. “Due to the scope of the project, the addition of new international partners, and our ongoing commitment to security, we believe that launching the Nymi Band Discovery Kit is an important step towards releasing the final product to pre-orders and the general public.”

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