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Cognitec releases IP video camera with integrated face detection and tracking

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Cognitec announced it has released FaceVACSVideoScan C5, a highly specialized IP video camera with built-in face detection and tracking technology as a component of its FaceVACS-VideoScan facial recognition solution.

The FaceVACSVideoScan C5 camera provides optimal image quality for real-time face recognition, even under challenging conditions, while requiring low computing hardware and bandwidth resources.

Other high-resolution machine vision cameras typically require constant high bandwidth to process uncompressed face images in order to accurately recognize the faces. As a result, a dedicated network connection between camera and software is required.

Meanwhile, standard surveillance cameras with moderate bandwidth requirements generate compressed images, which results in decreased biometric performance of the face recognition software.

FaceVACS-VideoScan C5 combines the high image quality of machine vision cameras and moderate bandwidth requirements of standard surveillance cameras to provide real-time, gapless face detection/tracking.

The technology ultimately generates lossless, cropped video streams for all faces that are present in front of the camera.

FaceVACS-VideoScan C5’s integrated camera control ensures optimized exposure on the face area.

FaceVACS-VideoScan C5 supports RTSP/H.264 video streams for integration with digital video recording systems, as well as delivers optimal integration with FaceVACS-VideoScan to accurately detect and identify people in real time.

The software’s ability to provide anonymous facial analysis over time allows it to compute people count, demographical information, people movement in time and space, and detect frequent visitors and crowds.

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