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SpeechPro, PenRad develop voice biometrics solution for hospitals


SpeechPro USA and PenRad have combined their solutions to deliver a secure, voice biometrics-enabled data entry system for hospitals and clinics.

By integrating SpeechPro’s voice biometric technology into PenRad’s Applicadia technology, the touchless solution allows staff to perform 100% data-entry through validated voice, to prevent disease transmission, enhance security, and boost professional productivity.

With nearly 100,000 deaths caused by healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) each year, hospital staff and patients are constantly at risk for disease transmission.

Fortunately, smart technologies such as tablets, phones and smart watch allow staff to perform real-time “touchless” digital data-entry at the point of service.

Hospital staff can perform a one-time enrollment process by speaking to create a unique biometric voiceprint to eliminate separate login routines.

For example, a nurse who is required to input data into a patient’s medical record can speak into a tablet or smart watch for data entry.

This action results in the system automatically validating the user via their security badge, as the SpeechPro VoiceKey algorithm validates within seconds.

The system does not require any additional login, validation time, physical contact, or data directly entered in EMR.

SpeechPro’s speech technology related products enable enterprise customers to perform various tasks in the fields of voice biometrics, mobile platforms, audio processing, and speech analysis.

SpeechPro and PenRad could potentially push forward the entire healthcare industry by using voice biometrics technology to help in limited healthcare associated infections.

“We are excited to partner with PenRad, a company who is truly committed to using the power of technology to advance the public good,” said SpeechPro president Alexey Khitrov. “SpeechPro has heavily invested in our R&D team, which has allowed us to develop, what independent testing proves to be, the most accurate voice biometric technology on the market. We hope that the implementation of our VoiceKey algorithms will allow Applicadia to become the most accurate, secure, and safe data-entry platform available to the healthcare industry.”

Previously reported, FaceBanx partnered with SpeechPro to provide face and voice recognition solutions to FaceBanx’s global telecomm and banking industry customers.

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